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About vinfox

vinfox is a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of the online and offline offers made by wine merchants in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It assists the wine connoisseur in his search for specific wines and well-priced offers as well as the professional in his daily work.

No matter where an interesting wine has caught your attention - in the media, at your friends', on holidays abroad, or at a restaurant - vinfox shows you where to buy and how much to pay. But most of all the readers of wine magazines, blogs, trade publications, wine-tasting reports and gourmet guides will benefit from vinfox as a simple and effective tool to locate wines of interest and to realistically assess their pricing.


If you are a subscriber, vinfox lists the prices quoted by merchants (including VAT) for individual wines and makes them comparable. Please note, however, that the prices do not consider any bulk discounts, shipping costs, special terms (such as return options), minimum order quantities etc.


Most offers published in vinfox are based on daily monitoring of the web shop offers. But vinfox also contains offers which are sent us irregularly.

Reliability and Completeness

We cannot warrant for the reliability and completeness of the data provided in vinfox. In case of doubt, consult the merchant or his web shop directly.

vinfox Selection

vinfox Selection comprises wines and offers which are selected by the vinfox editors or found by automatically monitoring the offers. As a paying subscriber you see new selections 48 hours before other users and will thus be informed in advance about rebates and sales.
  • Top Value: These are wines which - according to renowned experts - offer extraordinary value for their price. High ratings however do not guarantee that you will like the wine. Think of them of worth the adventure, since the stakes are low.
  • Classic: These are the great wines of the world's best producers. These wines are consistently highly esteemed by experts and thus often rather expensive. But if there is a special occasion and you do not mind the expense, wines from this list are the right choice.
  • Rebate: Special offers and wines with reduced prices are listed here. You will repeatedly find interesting offers here, often before other wine lovers find them.
  • New: These are wines which a merchant has added to his selection or which are available again after a longer period. This includes new vintages of a wine as well as completely new wines or producers on the market.

Wish List

Registered users can maintain a wish list of offers they are interested in. The wish list is organized by merchant, so order e-mails can be composed with a single mouse click.

vinfox Users

Choose your level of access to vinfox depending on your needs:
  • Anonymous User: As an anonymous user you only get limited access to the information provided by vinfox.
  • Registered User: As a registered user you get access to additional wine information, e.g. ratings. Registration for vinfox is free.
  • Subscriber: As a subscriber you get complete access to all merchant data and wine information of the vinfox system. You can see all offers. You will be informed about new selections, e.g. new rebates, 48 hours before other users can see them.